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Clarion Hotel Cork City
Lapps Quay
Cork City, Cork, Ireland
+ 353 (0)21 422 4900
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Craft Beers In Kudos Bar

We are a renowned provider of an excellent range of craft beers in Cork. If you're new to the idea of craft beers and ciders and would like to learn more, the team in Kudos bar can give you some interesting details all about the types of beer, the brewing process and various different tastes, colours and smells. Some new editions to our craft beer range include the following...

Some new additions to our Craft Beer range

Mountain Man Brewing (Cork) €6.50
Hairy Goat IPA
4.5% 50cl bottle
A copper coloured Indian Pale Ale with a grapefruit, passion fruit and peach aroma couple with a well-balanced hop and malt flavour. Great with Thai, Indian or any boldly spiced dishes

White Hag Brewery (Sligo) €7.00
Fionnabhair Irish Wit Beer
5% 33cl bottle
Belgian- style witbier made with Irish Heather, bitter orange peel, wheat, Irish oats and coriander. Refreshingly light-bodied, with hints of fruitiness that starts slightly sweet, yet finishes dry. Seafood such as crab, mussels etc.

Munster Brewery (Cork) €6.50
Fir Bolg
4.2% 50cl bottle
Malt heavy and hop strong, Munich and Vienna malts along with some caramel plus a fine sized balancing dose of hops. Goes well with red meats.

Brehon Brewhouse (Monaghan) €6.50
Brehon Blonde
4.3% 50cl Bottles
A refreshing, very pale, golden beer with a hoppy and citrus overtone and a malty biscuit finish. Fabulous with fish or spicy dishes.